More Soak The Rich Tax Ideas.

TGIF! Yesterday we floated several proposals for taxing the Blue State Rich. Our idea was that since they want higher taxes for all of us, let’s start with them first and foremost. After all, it’s only fair. To continue on with the raise revenue and let’s start with those who think higher taxes is a very good idea vein, we tip our hat to Glenn Harlan Reynolds and his USA Today column.

All of us complain about the revolving door between cabinet level positions and the private sector. Do we need to discuss the permanent revolving door between the Treasury Dept. and Goldman Sachs for instance? In fact, this happens so often, we are thinking it’s part and parcel of the climb to the top of that investment bank. That said, for any high level government official who leaves office for that immediate lobbyist position, let’s make them pay some of that huge perk back to those who made it possible- the US Taxpayer. The average cabinet level position is say, $200,000 and let’s also say that the new lobbyist job pays a cool million. Shouldn’t the taxpayers get a “fair” share of that chunk o’ change? After all, if it wasn’t for that well paying government job, they wouldn’t be that newly paid lobbyist…. I think that a 40- 50% fairness tax for the first few years would be fair…..

We brought up Hollywood actors and actresses paying their fair share as well. We thought that while George Clooney makes very fine films at $20 million a pop for three months work is very good for him and his fans, it is only fair that he kicks in a little extra as well. Well, as Mr. Reynolds pointed out, Miss Eva Langoria was also clamoring for higher taxes at the recent DNC convention and I for one, am willing to go along with her! Only, why not let history be our guide here? President Eisenhower and the Congress had a fascinating way to pay off WW2 era debt by having a special surcharge on all movie tickets sold. Well, in honor of Eva, I say we go for it! And don’t you worry Mr. Bruce Springsteen- The Boss will not be left out! Let’s also tack on an extra surcharge on all music cd’s, downloads, DVD sales, and concerts.

If we are serious about those with the wherewithal to pay for private jets, luxurious compounds off of Malibu and $20 million dollar paychecks to help pay for those less fortunate, let’s start with those who are calling for higher taxes on the rest of us first. Mr. Kerry, Mr. Reid, President O’Bama? Let’s get started! For the children, folks- targeted higher tax rates! Forward!

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